Over two decades of operation, PetroReconcavo has built a history of unparalleled success in the management of mature terrestrial fields in Brazil.

With a respected reputation among customers, regulatory agencies, suppliers and employees, the Company has an experienced team, composed of specialized professionals and founding shareholders with extensive experience in the sector.

The company seeks to operate effectively in terms of production and costs. Its asset base is made up of known high-quality oil reserves.

Its structure, size and corporate governance also guarantee agility in the reaction to external changes, such as price fluctuations or changes in technical interpretations, allowing greater efficiency in the allocation of capital.

Pioneering and High Performance

PetroRecôncavo was created to operate the first service contract for exploration of fields in Brazilian onshore basins. Over its 19 years of operation, it has generated 3.5 times the volume of originally certified reserves, with very competitive development costs and still maintains certified reserves above the initial volume. Its performance has been exceptional and consistent, building a solid foundation for its expansion.


Recôncavo Basin, Bahia

26  fields in operation