Potiguar Asset

Potiguar Asset started operations on December 10, 2019, when the first transaction resulting from the Topázio Project, a divestiture program on onshore assets initiated by Petrobras in 2016, was completed. The cluster, which has 34 concessions, of which 30 are operated by Potiguar E&P, our subsidiary, is about 50 km south of the city of Mossoró and comprises a considerable proportion of the Potiguar Basin.

The development of these fields was initiated by Petrobras in 1984 and their joint production has already exceeded 17,000 barrels/day of oil and 900,000 cubic meters/day of natural gas, produced through the more than 700 wells existing in the concessions.

A production increase of 35% has been achieved in the first 12 months as a result of a development program that includes the return to production of shut-in wells, reopening of production zones, development of new injection projects, surface facility projects and well stimulation projects, among others.


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BOE - Barrels of Equivalent Oil, Aggregates the production of oil and natural gas

* Approximate average production

** Potiguar Asset production corresponds to the sum of fields operated by Potiguar E&P plus Potiguar E&P's interest in fields operated by partnerships.