About Us

We are one of the main independent operators focused on mature onshore fields in Brazil. With a respected reputation with customers, regulatory agencies, suppliers and employees, we have an experienced team, composed of specialized professionals and founding shareholders with extensive experience in the sector.

Our portfolio includes oil and natural gas concessions, in which we act as concessionaires and/or operators. In fields that are in the stages of decline, we develop a system for revitalizing production.

Our expertise is associated with high cost performance and operational efficiency, implementation of secondary recovery mechanisms by water injection, verticalization of services and various activities.


We develop opportunities in the oil and gas industry, turning resources into value and dreams into reality.

Vision 2025

To be the safest, most efficient and profitable independent oil and gas operator and to lead the transformation of the onshore industry in Brazil.


  • Resilience

    We overcome challenges by seeking continuous improvement, maintaining balance to face adversity.

  • Enthusiasm

    We inspire people, putting enthusiasm, energy and passion in all our actions

  • Entrepreneurship

    We encourage the development of projects and solutions, combining courage, planning and innovation.

  • Austerity

    We handle company resources responsibly, seeking the best return.

  • Respect and trust in people

    We trust people and integrate differences by promoting open and respectful dialogue.

  • Integrity

    We conduct our business with integrity and respect for the law. We act with consistency and transparency.

  • Safety

    Insured to feel good, valued every day.

We are specialists in the revitalization of mature onshore fields that have significant potential for increasing the recovery of its oil and natural gas reserves, through the implementation of secondary recovery methodologies with an efficient cost structure. For this, we chose to internalize some core activities that are usually outsourced, such as the operation of rigs, stimulation units, pipe inspection, pump workshop, among others. We focus on assets with a history of low and predictable rates of decline and conventional reservoirs. Our focus on mature onshore fields virtually eliminates exploratory risk and the need for large initial investments in infrastructure for processing and outflow of production, greatly reducing global risk and improving the rate of return. We operate both in the form of “incremental production contracts” or through our own concessions, whether acquired through ANP auctions or through direct negotiations with other companies.

Our story

1997 a 2003

Constitution of PetroReconcavo and
first block acquisitions.
Production recovery.

  • 1997

    Participation in Petrobras' “Portfolio of opportunities” and end of the industry monopoly.

  • 2000

    Start of production under an “incremental production contract” with Petrobras.

  • 2002

    Acquisition of blocks in the 4th round of the ANP.

2004 a 2007

Development of technical and
operational know-how.
Acquisition of blocks.

  • 2004

    Start of waterflooding pilots.

  • 2005

    Acquisition of blocks in the 6th round of the ANP.

  • 2007

    Acquisition of blocks in the 9th round of the ANP.

2008 a 2014

Expansion of water injection
projects for secondary recovery.

  • 2008

    Acquisition of own rigs.
    Increase in injection projects.

  • 2010

    Start of drilling campaign
    with own rig and crews.

  • 2014

    Drilling campaign for 31 wells
    that currently contribute
    40% of the fields' production.

2015 a 2019

Efficiency gains, internalization of
services and digital transformation.
New business development.

  • 2015

    Start of internalized
    acidification and
    organic stimulation operations.

  • 2018

    Start of the digital
    transformation project.

  • 2019

    Purchase of second stimulation unit.
    Start of operations at Potiguar District (RN),
    through Potiguar E&P.

  • 2020

    35% oil production increase in the first 12 months of operation at Potiguar District

And we still have many achievements ahead.