PetroReconcavo, in partnership with AVSI Brasil, started the implementation of the Viva Sabiá Program to benefit 600 people in the communities of Monte Alegre 1, Monte Alegre 2, Lajes and Livramento, and Olho d’agua da Onça, in the counties of Upanema, Governador Dix-Sept Rosado, and Caraúbas.

The initiative has a permanent character and focuses on environmental sustainability, opening the possibility of partnerships with governments or other companies. The first action carried out by the Program seeks to facilitate access to drinking water for the communities in the counties surrounding the activities, using new techniques, based on solar energy, since some water tanks are in a precarious state, requiring engineering work so that they can be used safely.

According to Marcelo Magalhães, CEO of PetroReconcavo, the action that will be in focus for the first six months, includes refurbishing the water tanks, implementing photovoltaic panels, and conducting educational workshops. In a second stage of the project, a water filtration system will be implemented through a process made with a device called Aqualuz, which purifies the water using the sun’s rays, with a technology recognized by UN Brazil and based on SODIS (solar water disinfection).

The goal of the Vivá Sabia Program is to become permanent and promote local socioeconomic and environmental development. The study conducted by AVSI, between February and April 2021, mapped four essential pillars, are they: environment and ecology, corporate volunteering, circular economy, socio-educational and entrepreneurship.

The initiatives aim to contribute to the integral development of children and teenagers through cultural, sports, citizenship, and employability workshops. Also included in the program in future stages are circular economy and entrepreneurship actions, the reuse of residual water from sinks, showers, and tanks, among others, for the irrigation of productive backyards, in addition to seedling nurseries, and the reuse and transformation of gravel with the implementation of an irrigation system for agriculture and beekeeping.